My Next Novel

Calm down, my friends.  It seems those who have never read my works before are expressing understandable frustration that they can’t find them.  They are not on Amazon or in Barnes and Nobles.  As I’ve explained before, when I found my works were being censored, I pulled them from the shelves myself.  If there is enough demand, I will reissue them through an independent delivery system.

Yes, I’m more focused on bringing the End Times to our world.  But I’m also in the midst of writing my next novel (which I may have to finish in the world to come).  That’s right.  I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP WRITING.

I know what you’re thinking?  Where does one go after the end times?  Funny you should ask, because the subject and title of my new series of books is AFTER THE END TIMES.

When the antichrist is defeated, and the remaining righteous souls have ascended to heaven, the jobs of The Saved will not be done.

There will still be a hell, and if there is a hell, there will be a Lucifer to rule it.  And so, G-d will ask The Saved to embark of OPERATION HELLSTORM.  It’s time to get the Devil.  G-d cannot trust his angels, as Lucifer himself was an angel.  So it will be up to the Saved to descend into the depths of hell to defeat the Devil once and for all.  They’ll battle demons and the souls of The Unredeemed.  But what happens when the Devil offers to repent for his sins?  What will prevail, New Testament forgiveness or Old Testament payback.  Read AFTER THE END TIMES BOOK ONE: OPERATION HELLSTORM and find out.


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