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THESE Jews Know What They Are Doing

I love Jews.  Some of my best friends are Jews.  Even more of my best friends WERE Jews who saw the light.

As we all know, both the Jewish people and the State of Israel plays an important role in the End Times.

They believe that the Messiah will come only when the Temple of Solomon is rebuilt in Jerusalem.  We believe this too – only we know that it’s the Messiah’s return, his Second Coming (as I kid my Jewish friends – how did you sleep through the first one?). 

There’s only one problem.  The site of the Second Temple, The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, is currently occupied.  Muslims are always complaining that Jews are “occupying” Palestine (hello – Jews existed BEFORE Muslims and lived in the land of Israel…if you don’t believe the Hebrew or Christian Bibles – read your own damn Koran!). 

Well, maybe Palestinians should have thought about that before they went ahead and built the Dome of the Rock on the site most holy to Jews (and pretty darn holy to the rest of G-d fearing folk).  That’s a Mosque that they believe Mohammed ascended to Heaven.  Oy.

The Temple Mount shouldn't look like this.

The Temple Mount shouldn't look like this.

I’m a bit skeptical of that last bit.  You don’t have to take my word, you can take Led Zeppelin’s.  Listen to “Stairway to Heaven” and tell me where you hear Mohammed walking up it?

  The Temple Mount Faithful are a group committed to rebuilding the The Third Temple, which hopefully look a lot like the first.

Now THIS is more like it (but with modern restrooms).

Now THIS is more like it (but with modern restrooms).

They’ve got a cornerstone and everything…but the no Israeli government will allow Jews to set foot on the Temple Mount, let alone start construction.

Again, I’m NOT advocating the violent removal of the Dome of the Rock, nor of the so-called Palestinian Arabs from Judea and Samaria.

But…and this is just me talking…if you’ve driven through what I, and well, G-d, like to call G-d’s country, you’ve seen houses on flatbead trucks.  Arabs have all that desert…I’m sure we could find some nice, less crowded place to put it without harming a stone, let alone a soul (yes…I believe Muslims have souls).

What The Temple Mount Faithful are doing is an example of what we need to be doing.  Being PRO-ACTIVE in bringing about the End of Days.

God Bless.  Krammada Elbas.  5:30.



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The End Times are NOT nigh…but we can change that!

Please allow me to introduce myself.  Yes…I am a man of wealth and fame.  But that is not why I am here.  Or rather…I hope I can use my wealth and fame for a higher purpose.

You more than likely know me and my ministry from my Bring on The End Times series of novels, direct to dvd movies.  But, if you have not hear my – or rather The Lord’s – message, I will endeavour to  tell you as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Much like my good friend Timothy LaHaye, I write fiction about the End Times.  Where my literature and I depart from his, is that neither my characters nor I am content to simply WAIT for the End Times as prophesized in The Book of Revelations.

To me that is both a dramatic and literary sin – a literal Deus Ex Machina, is you will.  My characters actively try to bring about The End Times.  Not because we wish disaster to befall our planet.  We are not simply content to WAIT for our SAVIOUR.  Take a look around you – we need him here and we need him now.

That stance has alienated me from many of my brothers in Christ.  And, as you may know, from my publishers.  As a result, I h pulled all my books from print.  I self-published – and pass the savings on to you.

But novels take long to write – the internet is a much quicker delivery system.  While I must admit to being somewhat technologically illiterate,  I am nevertheless impatient to bring my vision to you directly and free of charge.

9/11 may or may not have been a sign of The End Times.  But it was definitely a wakeup call.  Muslims are preparing to bring about their own End Times in a manner both violent and vile.

We have got to bring about OUR End Times, the CHRISTIAN End Times, before they do.  I believe we will.  Because our God is bigger than theirs.

We will make our own SIGNS.  I will show you the way, just as my characters have.

But – and this is important – we will do so WITHOUT VIOLENCE.  Christ was a man of peace, and so must we be.

Do not fear the End Times my friends.  Whether you are taken in the Rapture or you stand with me at the end to battle the Anti-Christ at Armageddon – you will be saved.

So, to paraphrase my good friend, our President, Bring on The End Times!

Krammada Elbas.  5:30. God Bless America



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